In the 1930s a famous Los Angeles underworld hitman Scholar (Rhett Giles) and a band of trained assassins are hired by the exotic and beautiful Kay (Coco Su) to avenge her parents death by the hands of her equally stunning twin sister. Traveling to Shanghai Scholar finds the twin sister Sue (Coco Su) has taken over the family fortunes and lifestyle. He finds himself falling for his target. Instead of killing her he chooses to save her from his fellow assassins (Veronica Bero Joey Covington Vasilios Elovalis) by taking them out one-by-one. Torn between his commitment to his paying client and his romantic feelings for her sister Scholar enters into a dangerous liaison with both unable to trust either one and unable to let them go. In a moment of truth Scholar finds that Kay and Sue are not as he perceived and instead are one in the same. He had been set up by this woman to honor her family. Come to find out Scholar had killed her parents when she was a teenager and she had spent her life savings seeking revenge and restoring her family#s honor. Culminating in a spectacular martial arts battle between the twins and the assassins hired to kill them TWIN DAGGERS is an intricate and stunning movie that delivers one surprise twist after another.

เขียนโดย ณัฐกานต์
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